Proprietary Software

Intelligence by design...
total transparency for ease

Our proprietary software tracks assets electronically for complete visibility.

Having complete visibility over a fleet operation is essential to the business. Penske Vehicle Services makes it easy to monitor your vehicle activity and view comprehensive, real-time reports with our exclusive fleet management software. We help you:

  • Make better decisions about your fleet with accurate and timely information
  • Spend less time on manual data entry, allowing for more time to run the business
  • Manage operational processes at a whole new level of greater visibility
  • Drive financial results for your organization

The Penske Vehicle Services fleet management system is scalable, configurable and interfaces with clients' enterprise systems.

Key Features:

  • Manages all assets and asset lifecycle requirements
  • Capable of managing assets of any type, size or complexity
  • Monitors and measures the amount of time in each lifecycle stage
  • Tracks each asset associated with a task at each stage
  • Pushes process ensuring quality control
  • Allows visibility of an assets current usage and location
  • Maintains total financial visibility and accountability
  • Highly configurable
  • Built in Microsoft .NET framework
  • Web based

Implementation Process

Penske Vehicle Services implementation is client driven, gathering the necessary requirements and confirming the goals and objectives to drive results for our clients. Our implementation process includes:

  • Interviewing all stakeholders to confirm key strategies, goals and objectives
  • Complete process map of vehicle lifecycle and transitions
  • Developing a project plan including current manual tasks that become automated
  • Gather data interface information from Finance, Ordering, HR, Payroll and Asset register
  • Create Lifecycle, Fields, Tasks, Automations and User Roles
  • Complete data conversion map and convert existing client data
  • Identify and build needed custom reports
  • Training program to ensure training resources are on site in your organization
  • Pilot system in a test environment for minimal risk
  • Take system live upon client approval

fleetsoftware graphs

The Penske Vehicle Services fleet management software program combines all systems into one. This eliminates the need for multiple systems such as spreadsheets, pool scheduling systems, repair scheduling systems, order tracking systems and lease car payroll deduction systems.Our friendly and responsive support team is available to address questions, provide support or deliver ongoing training to your staff.

Technical Support

The Penske Vehicle Services support team serves as a ready resource for any questions. Each client has access to our Business Analyst Team supporting our clients with training, user support, strategic planning and concepts for future customization. In addition Penske Vehicle Services support team is available via dedicated phone lines and email capabilities to support our client base.