Case Studies

Reduce Departmental Fleets by 15%, Loaner Pool Fleet by 83%

Client: Automotive OEM

Fleet Size: 10,000+ vehicles


  • Reduced loaner pool fleet by 83% through improved policies
  • Decreased departmental fleets by 15%
  • Improved reporting between finance and payroll resulting in $300,000 of post-audit savings
  • Improved pre-auction inspection and logistics execution reducing ground time by nearly 100%
  • All auction vehicles shipped to auction within 24 hours of vehicle turn in
  • Improved order matching to ground stock, achieving an 84% match rate

Background: The OEM did not have a national platform to manage their internal company vehicles and was looking for a platform to host this information with users across the country that needed to be able to view and update vehicle files.

How we did it: Penske Vehicle Services studied the system in place and then reviewed the OEM's objectives,priorities and business requirements. After completing a thorough analysis, Penske Vehicle Services customized its proprietary fleet management software meeting the client's needs. After working through the development and testing phase, a national platform was available within 6 months and additional functionality has continued to be built in as the OEM identifies additional needs.