Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Manage Client Vehicle Assets

Penske Vehicle Services manages company owned assets for clients through the lifecycle from inventory planning through final disposition, ensuring maximum utilization while improving ROI.

We know your fleet is among your most valuable assets that's why we treat it as our own. We also know that fleet management is a difficult job.

At Penske Vehicle Services, our skilled staff has managed over 3 million vehicles worldwide and, on average, our services result in a 15 to 25 percent reduction in inventory levels contributing to a 20 to 40 percent reduction in operating costs for our clients. Our exceptional customer service has been a huge success in maintaining client relationships over the years.

In addition, we generate value with our profound understanding of the unique automotive OEM requirements.

Inventory/Asset Planning

We design asset management programs that are right for each client. Our innovative, custom designed solutions provide significant savings to our clients. We provide numerous services in the area of inventory/asset planning, such as:

  • Capital and expense budget planning
  • Analysis of the benefits of lease, rental and ownership
  • Review environmental, regulatory and tax concerns
  • Consult with business units to plan for optimal asset utilization
  • Identify appropriate assets for business use
  • Procurement based on total lifecycle costs
  • Fleet and equipment standardization
  • Fleet right-sizing based on optimization and utilization
  • Provide visibility into fleet costs

Ordering and Tracking

Avoiding delays and ensuring proper vehicles are ordered depends on a well administered system. By maintaining information in one location, you are able to access data securely for easy analysis of industry trends and lead time data allowing management to operate more efficiently with complete visibility of assets at all times. We offer services based on the unique needs of our clients in many areas:

  • Administration of order specifications
  • Budget process and approval
  • Manage availability and compatibility of order content
  • Determine "ship-to" or "ship-thru" up-fitter requirements
  • Identify manufacturer fleet discounts and special incentives
  • Contact manufacturer to obtain estimated build time
  • Review all final order details with requesting business units
  • Obtain necessary approval(s) and submit order
  • Track orders from submission through delivery

Receiving/In-Service Prep

Our receiving and preparation process is designed with our clients in mind. Our process includes:

  • Vehicle PDI (pre delivery inspection)
  • Receipt of the asset directly from manufacturer
  • Detailed inspection of asset and equipment
  • Process transportation damage and/or warranty claims
  • Schedule and perform asset prep and required accessory installation
  • Obtain safety certification
  • DOT inspection if required
  • Build asset file and update appropriate financial systems
  • Schedule exchange or delivery of asset with business unit

Registration and Plating

The registration of vehicles can be a difficult process without knowledgeable team members and efficient processes. Our organization has more than 25 years of experience in this area. In fact, Penske Vehicle Services provides on-site Department of Motor Vehicle services to our clients. Our offerings include:

  • Preparation and payment for taxes to government agencies
  • Clearing customs and establishing bonds if required
  • Obtaining EPA or Federal Emissions Certification
  • Scheduling asset with insurance carrier
  • Obtain required pre and post requisites
  • Examination and/or certification by regulatory agencies
  • Obtaining intrastate and/or interstate over the road certifications
  • License and register asset to use on public roads
  • Administration of license plate renewals (both transport and manufacturer plates)


The Penske Vehicle Services team makes the in-service period an easy process and a win for your company. We have comprehensive array of in-service offerings:

  • Logistics requirements
  • Manage asset assignment and pool operations
  • Administration of traffic and toll violations
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Administration of driver safety programs
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks and ongoing monitoring
  • Accident, theft and damage claims administration
  • Administration of campaigns, recalls, retrofits and reconditioning
  • Mechanical servicing programs
  • Fuel management on-site above and underground
  • Door to door white glove delivery

Penske Vehicle Services offers on-site garage services to improve productivity and eliminate unnecessary downtime. Our trained technicians provide superior customer service, perform all maintenance, mechanical and body repairs. Our large-scale capabilities set us apart within the industry, with more than 200 technical team members specializing in:

Fleet Maintenance

  • Technical repair and maintenance
  • Fabrication, production paint and refinish paint capabilities
  • Body repair

Penske Vehicle Services also offer a wide variety of specialty garage services including:

  • ASE/State certified technicians
  • Warranty claims processing
  • Campaign and recall repair and processing
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Inspections and condition reporting
  • Specialty paint and refinishing
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Engineering standardization
  • Parts storage and warehousing
  • Product up-fitting
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Garage supervision
  • Vehicle and component fabrication
  • Standard vehicle maintenance
  • Glass replacement
  • Roadside assistance

Repurposing for Cross Utilization

Our focus at Penske Vehicle Services is to ensure our clients fleets are fully utilized at all times to reduce the number of vehicles on the books to minimize cost to our clients. Our focus includes:

  • Process departmental notification of asset retirement
  • Perform asset evaluation
    • Age
    • Condition
    • Mileage
    • Residual value
  • Review current departmental asset procurement requests
  • Determine appropriateness of recycling an asset
  • Determine best method for sale/disposal if applicable
  • Obtain requesting departments acceptance of recycled asset
  • Arrange asset inspection and reconditioning
  • Reallocate asset and update financial systems


Penske Vehicle Services processes ensure you do not spend any more time or money than needed with out-of-service vehicles, so that your expenses do not continue to increase as fleet budgets remain the same:

  • Schedule logistics for removal of the asset
  • Initiate physical inspection and damage estimates
  • Conduct asset content audit
  • Decommission asset, remove company up-fitted equipment
  • Perform campaigns, repairs and retrofits
  • Vehicle reconditioning assets to optimize resale values
  • Gather asset documentation in preparation of sale/disposal
  • Monitor trends and report opportunities for improvement
  • Reduce days to sale
  • Transport to auction/remarketers

Disposal and Remarketing

Vehicle disposal and remarketing at lease-end is one of the most important aspects of our fleet management program. Penske Vehicle Services facilitates the vehicle disposal process to ensure you receive optimum value with the least amount of risk. Our focus includes:

  • Asset evaluation for return on investment options
  • Recommendation of disposal method to maximize return on net assets
  • Administration of sale or disposal documentation (including title)
  • Vehicle recycling
  • Vehicle reconditioning
  • Process asset for disposal and negotiate sale, regardless of method
    • Dealer
    • Auction
    • Wholesale
    • Employee Purchase Program
    • Donation
    • Scrap (identify parts to retain when applicable)
    • Parts dismantling and sale
  • Logistics coordination and parts recovery
  • Storage
  • Funds collection and sale documentation
  • Relieve inventory accounts of asset and update financial systems
  • Buyback programs

Embedded Services

Penske Vehicle Services offers an unparalleled level of support. 90% of our team today is embedded in our client's operations. We provide hands-on management and administration while enhancing your professional brand image. Our talent that is deployed within your operation ranges from management to administration to technical. Penske Vehicle Services on-site model is based your needs; today we support the following functions:

  • License, registration and title administration
  • Ability to act as a third party branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Inventory management
  • Vehicle file administration
  • Accident, theft or violation administration
  • Vehicle specifications and ordering
  • Fleet program budgeting
  • Logistics coordination
  • Customer satisfaction process and surveying
  • Fueling programs
  • Vehicle assignments and exchanges
  • Sales, use and property taxation requirements
  • Environmental regulations
  • State and federal safety regulations
  • Indirect procurement of vehicle services
  • Team members training
  • Vehicle rental and lease administration